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ACAB Is A Toxic, Regressive Concept That Should Be Boycotted

ACAB is a poisonous attack on the institution that has become particularly prevalent due to BLM activism – it must cease in the interests of peace and consensus.

The concept of ACAB (‘All Cops Are Bastards’) reportedly goes back to 1970s Britain, but has taken off rapidly in the US in the last few years. To the logical person, this is clearly a provocative and divisive name for a movement attempting to combat institutional racism. This was its initial, intended meaning; today, however, its meaning is disguised by the hard left to push a tiresome agenda, one which Marx would be incredibly proud of.

Essentially, its goal (which is indicative of its title) is to diminish and eventually remove state power by ‘defunding’ the police. It stems from the dystopian concept that all police officers are part of an inherently racist system, which directly and deliberately oppresses ethnic and other minorities.

Frankly, this is delusional. The despicable actions of a few police officers (such as the murderer of George Floyd), do not set a precedent for the rest of the police force. Remarkably this concept does not (apparently) apply to BLM. Riots that occur in the name of BLM (whilst there are some peaceful demonstrations) do not reflect that of the whole movement. What a convenient double standard!

“All Cops Are Bastards graffiti, Islington, London, UK” by gruntzooki is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Advocates of the ACAB movement argue that the objective is not to reform, but to completely change the system ‘from the bottom up’, by reducing the power of the police and thus the state. The movement is an attempt to widen the political divide via a class war. It is merely factional politics – the right against the left. I, therefore, argue that the murder of Floyd is a tragedy that the left are unashamedly taking advantage of. ACAB is not about combatting racism, but a modern attempt at a Marxist revolution against the establishment.

This malignant movement is not peaceful; if it had genuine intentions, those would be its focus. Instead, it looks to incite more violence and anger against the US Government in a bid to encourage anarchy. Despite the fact that various advocates claim it targets the Government and not individual police officers, I refer to its title. ‘All cops are bastards’ does not indicate that it targets the institution, but on the contrary, it deliberately scapegoats every individual police officer. If the intent had been to blame the establishment, surely a more direct slogan would have been chosen.

“Welcome to CHAZ” by derek.simeone is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This generalisation of all police officers demonstrates no desire for peace, yet supposedly advocates for justice. If ACAB were truly in favour of restoring justice, then surely the first step is to strive for peace? Suppose the roles were reversed and police officers argued that ‘all black people are criminals because of the actions of a few’, there would rightfully be uproar. These pointless generalisations are counter-productive; hence I argue that their goal is to incite anarchy under the banner of ‘justice’. Advocates are making light of Floyd as a martyr, thus exploiting him and seizing the opportunity for a class war.

ACAB supporters stubbornly refuse (like toddlers throwing their toys out of the pram) to accept that not all police officers are ‘bastards’, which is plainly wrong. If these people truly believe that every single police officer is corrupt and racist, I suggest they are deluded. If they believe that police officers are part of a system that needs reform in the name of justice and equality (in America), then I agree.

So what is beneficial about ‘ACAB’ for the cause of BLM? Nothing – it exacerbates negative perceptions from the public.

What does it contribute to the progression of equality and attempted suppression of institutional racism? Nothing – it breeds more division and hate, particularly as a result of partisan politics.


In spite of this, what do I know? I am an inherently ‘privileged’ straight, white, ‘cis-gendered’ man and therefore my opinion is invalid.