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The Guardian “Cuts” Owen Jones’ YouTube Channel

The Guardian newspaper has cancelled its writer and TV journalist Owen Jones by ending his YouTube channel.

In a 3-minute video, Owen Jones has stated that The Guardian “cut” his old YouTube channel, which had millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares.

The left-wing journalist proclaims that the corporate media have failed the public, saying that newspapers are hobbies for right-wing billionaires who “whip up hatred and bigotry against minorities”.

He added that they “do not hold the rich and powerful to account for the problems and injustices that they cause”, while showing images of Murdoch, Branson and Jeff Bezos.

Jones also said that they fail to scrutinise the Government and create “monsters” who peddle and feed off fear and hatred, accompanied by pictures of Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins.

To solve this issue, Jones wants to set up his own video channel as an alternative to this. The journalist stated that he intends to hire a team of producers, videographers and editors, all on a “union wage”.

The content will be suggested to him by his audience and not corporations. Jones plans to have a new politics show on Sunday (yet to be named), and will host documentaries and interviews with a range of people on both sides of the spectrum, on a wide array of topics.

Mr Jones plans to fund this venture though donations from his supporters to his Patreon account, which he has already set up.