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Antifa Clash With Trump Supporters At ‘Million MAGA March’

Thousands of President Trump supporters gathered in Washington DC to protest alleged voter fraud in the US elections.

Thousands of supporters of US President Donald Trump turned out in Washington DC to show their support after claims of voter fraud in the election, after news outlets declared Joe Biden the President-Elect.

Mr Trump has so far refused to concede the Presidency. He has launched multiple legal challenges in crucial states and made allegations of widespread electoral fraud.

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Trump voters who attended the ‘Million MAGA March’ could be heard chanting “Trump won” and “Stop the steal” repeatedly. Later, many gathered to sing the US national anthem.

President Trump’s motorcade passed the gathering demonstrators on Saturday morning and did a circuit of nearby Freedom Plaza, but he carried on to his golf club in Sterling, Virginia.

One female supporter stated she wants “a fair election”. When asked what if Joe Biden won fairly, she replied: “We will accept the election, we won’t riot, we won’t burn down buildings, we won’t do anything destructive.”

Another claimed: “Millions of votes were stolen from Donald Trump and Donald Trump won fair and square.”

Anti-Trump protesters also attended and chanted: “Trump, Pence out now.”

As the march was nearing its end, it took a turn for the worse when Trump protesters clashed with Antifa (Anti-Fascists) and BLM (Black Lives Matter). Donald Trump had declared Antifa a terrorist organisation in May 2020.

The President’s supporters brawled with left-wing groups for several minutes before the police arrived. One man in his 20s was left with serious injuries after being stabbed in the back in an altercation.

Officials said 20 people had been arrested on a variety of charges, including assault and possession of weapons. One stabbing was reported. Two police officers were also injured.

Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Junior have called for an end to violence against conservatives. Donald Trump Junior expressed his view on Antifa, referring to them as “piece of shit fascists” on Twitter:

Ivanka Trump also took to Twitter to say “violence is never the answer” and has called for “instigators” to be prosecuted. Ivanka also called the media “shameful and dangerous” for its “near-total silence about the physical violence perpetrated against conservatives”.

President Trump blasted counter-protesters who descended upon the march as “Antifa scum” in a tweet on Saturday night and encouraged police not to “hold back”, after violent scenes erupted five blocks from the White House.