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Can You Be Feminist And Conservative?

For many, the idea of being a conservative and a feminist is seen as contradictory. However, despite the left’s constant accusations of the ideology and the party being anti-woman, this is not the case.

The feminist movement has become increasingly anti-woman. Instead, it has become synonymous with being pro-abortion, anti-monogamy, pro-“LGBTQ+”, and pro-sex work. The left has manipulated the dignifying cause of women’s rights to push their own Marxist agenda of equality of outcome through the myth of the gender pay gap.

Newsflash: it is illegal to not pay women the same as men. The disparities in averages can be explained through multiple reasons, such as differences in occupations, education and hours worked per week. As women are achieving more in education, it can be expected that these disparities will naturally even out.

Furthermore, these modern-day “feminists” see motherhood as a burden. Some push it further by calling fetuses a “parasite” and see abortion as an alternative to birth control. They also tend to attack the nuclear family, encouraging and normalising promiscuity despite the negative psychological effects of having multiple sexual partners.

The “feminist” movement has gone from saying that women are more than their sexuality to now basing womanhood around being sexual. This can be seen by Cardi B’s Wap being triumphed as a feminist song. The attempt to normalise sex work has led to more and more young girls going straight into these industries. The feminist movement was once a message of saying women are more than just sex objects. This is now not the case.

In addition to this, social media is increasing girls’ insecurities through vain apps like Instagram, offering little more than a platform for their appearance. From the beginning of secondary school, I remember my female classmates posting images with barely any clothes on – they were eleven. Instead of encouraging young girls to care more about their education, we’re teaching them to be insecure about their face and body. The movement seems to be promoting a world similar to that of Huxley’s Brave New World.

I’d argue this is an extremely anti-woman narrative. A woman should not be defined by her sexual worth. Feminists should idolise successful women like Amy Coney Barrett, rather than Kim Kardashian. The nuclear family should be encouraged if we want a strong society. Women should be mothers and men should be fathers. However, like men, women should be able to be parents and have a career too. A sign of a developed country is that women are in the workforce as well.

The feminist movement should instead focus on encouraging women to be academic, helping those women who cannot access education in developing countries and embracing femininity. We need to stop the toxicity within the feminist movement.