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Bookies Odds Narrow In Presidential Race

The Bookies odds between the two election candidates is narrowing as a winner is yet to be sworn in.

Since the election night where neither candidates won conclusively against the other America has been divided. News networks were also accused of declaring states too early.

Biden was declared the winner by the media before the results were finalised. In recent days Pennsylvania has been undeclared and Georgia currently having a recount.

On the morning of the vote, President Trump declared himself the winner in a press conference and said he would challenge any result in the supreme court, which is in his favour.

A number of Trump supporters have also supposedly found evidence of cheating such as uncounted/discarded ballots and suspicious footage/incidents.

As a result of the election being undecided bookies odds between the candidates have drastically narrowed, two weeks ago Trump was on 1000/1 to win and as of one week ago it reduced drastically to 100/1. As time has gone on this has reduced further 50/1, 30/1, 20/1, 10/1 now the legal team has held a press conference it currently sits at 5/1.

With the Electoral College still to meet in 21 days, could this historical election that has gripped many people have any more surprising twists in store for us.


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