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Corbyn IT Failure As Peace And Justice Project URL Stolen And Used For Mock Website

After bringing his party into disrepute while leader, the now independent MP has announced a new social justice project.

The former Labour leader plans to invest his time into a new project, which he has said will “bring people together” and create “a future that works for the many, not the few”, echoing his famous former party slogan.

The organisation, set to launch next month, will focus on supporting social and environmental justice, peace and internationalism and fighting against poverty, inequality and unaccountable corporate power, Corbyn has declared.

He later added that the project will promote global co-operation, climate change, democracy, self-determination, peace and human rights.

However, the former Labour Party boss had failed to register the domain name ProjectforPeaceandJustice.com. It has since been snapped up by an anonymous group who have created their own website, mocking Corbyn’s project.

The mission statement on the mock website reads: “Bringing folk together for social and economic justice, peace and human rights in UK and around the world, but not Israel”.

Corbyn registered the website for his new movement at the URL TheCorbynProject.com/.


The Peace and Justice Project will aim to build progressive networks of grassroots activists, campaigners, trade unions, thinkers and leaders in partnership with other social movements, to find solutions to common problems and share experiences.

A number of MPs and Labour associates have endorsed the project, including Zarah Sultana, Christine Blower and Len McCluskey, the General Secretary of Unite the Union, as well as the former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa.

The MPs project hopes to use research and analysis, alongside campaigning and organising, to develop and implement the Socialist policies was unable to enact whilst Leader of the Opposition, stating: “things can and they will change”.

This has echoes of previous Labour leader and Prime Minister Tony Blair’s post-leadership plan, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, founded in 2016, whose mission is “equipping leaders and governments for a global future”, in line with Blair’s infamous “Third Way” ideals.