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Britain Ends Problematic Pulse Trawling

The UK Government has taken the decison to ban UK & EU vessels from pulse trawling in UK waters.

The UK has completely banned pulse trawling by both UK and EU vessels in UK waters. This move is intended to safeguard the UK’s marine environment and improve British fishermen’s catch.

Pulse trawling involves sending electrical signals underwater to steer sole fish into nets, but also affects fish like cod, haddock and whiting as it can break their spines.

Although the EU banned the practice in 1998, as of 2006 it has continued through exemptions.

The practice is used mainly by Dutch from around 80 of their vessels off the coast of Kent and Essex.

Environment Minister Lord Zac Goldsmith, known for his support for the environment, said: “It is fantastic news we have been able to end pulse trawling in UK waters by EU and English vessels. This is just one of the good things we can do now.”

The head of a regional northern French fisheries group, Oliver Lepretre, has also applauded the move, saying: “At least Boris had the courage to do it.”

UK Government insiders say the next target is banning European supertrawlers from UK waters. A series of new environmental changes are set to be introduced this year.