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Shadow Chancellor Fails To Account For Labour Spending Plans During Interview

The Shadow Chancellor has failed to answer key questions in an interview with the BBC.

The Shadow Chancellor did not answer key questions on Labour’s economic plan for the third lockdown during an interview, saying only that the money should be “appropriately targeted” towards what is necessary, while in addition accusing the Government of cronyism.

Anneliese Dodds failed to answer the key question on how much it would cost the country for the additional support that a Labour Government would ask the country to pay for, despite calling for a “much more comprehensive response” than the Chancellor set out in the Commons.

The Shadow Chancellor five times avoided telling the BBC what this figure would be, choosing instead to attack the Government once more on what Labour believes are holes in both the furlough scheme and the scheme supporting the self-employed.

The Shadow Chancellor pointed out the dire economic situation that the country now faces, telling the BBC that the pandemic represented the worst recession for a major economy and that the Chancellor’s response to this had not been good enough, asking him to come to the Commons to answer some key questions, including on working parents and the support for self-employed.

The current figure for the newly announced schemes stands at £4.6bn, with the Government spending approximately £181bn more than it had forecasted last March, up to £1,108bn. In addition, the economic impact has been the largest hit to the UK economy in 300 years, according to the Institute for Government.

With another national lockdown being imposed on the UK public after the Prime Minister’s address on the 4th of January, the question of how much more damage this will do to the economy is yet to be answered by either of the major parties.