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Trump Protestors Storm US Capitol Building & Shots Fired

Trump supporters have invaded the Capitol building and forced a lockdown, halting a debate in the House and Senate.

The US Congress was meeting to confirm President-Elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. A number of Republicans are attempting to overturn the results in several states, however Republican Vice-President Mike Pence stated he will not block the certification of Biden as President-Elect. This is despite calls from President Trump to do so. President Trump has also addressed his thousands of supporters in Washington DC and said “we will never concede”.

Many of the supporters have overpowered security and breached the US Capitol building, which has led to an armed standoff at the chambers of the House of Representatives. One woman has been shot inside the building, however that woman’s condition and affiliation are not immediately clear.

Thousands of protesters had previously broken through a fence and stormed the building, according to press sources on the ground. A reporter alleged that a protester had made it all the way to the dais of the Senate Chamber, and declared: “Trump won that election”. Many protesters pushed through police and made it into the building. Some were carrying American flags, and others the Confederate Stars and Bars.

Both Chambers of the House have been put into full lockdown and lawmakers have been told to take shelter. Among those in the Senate Chamber was Vice-President Mike Pence, who President Trump has heavily criticised for failing to attempt to stop the election certification process. CNN have reported that the Vice-President was evacuated from the building, but his whereabouts have not been disclosed.