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Doctors Are Being Told To Throw Away Unused Covid-19 Vaccines, Claim Sources

News sources have reported that doctors have been ordered to bin unused Covid-19 vaccines, rather than giving second doses.

GPs have told The Telegraph that they are being warned against giving patients leftover doses for their second jab.

Dr Robert Morley, the Director of Professional Support at the Birmingham Local Medical Committee, told The Telegraph that the policy was “counterproductive” and that leftover doses should be used “as a second dose for healthcare workers”.

He added: “This is ridiculous, bordering on the criminal.”

Despite this, Bradford’s Telegraph & Argus paper has reported that the MP for Bradford East, Imran Hussain, has received “categorical assurance” that unused vaccines are not being thrown away.

Reportedly, rumours of GPs being told to throw vaccines away came after a ‘troublesome’ campaign group, EveryDoctor, tweeted about it.

The tweet said the group had been told by six doctors in different areas that their workplace was being told to throw away unused vaccines from missed appointments at the end of the day, instead of giving NHS staff their second dose.

However, at some vaccination sites, such as Fordingbridge Hospital in Hampshire, leftover doses from cancellations and no-shows are being used on NHS staff.

Pulse Today have reported that GPs are being instructed to start providing the Covid-19 vaccine to the over-75s because “unused vials of Covid vaccine are being wasted”.

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