Home News BLM Oxford Leader Sasha Johnson Arrested For Allegedly Breaking Covid Rules

BLM Oxford Leader Sasha Johnson Arrested For Allegedly Breaking Covid Rules

The leader of BLM Oxford, Sasha Johnson, was arrested and later released by the Met police, for allegedly breaking lockdown rules.

Ms Johnson was filmed being arrested early this evening by Met police whilst walking in central London.

The footage (captured by a companion of Sasha Johnson) showed a large number of police surrounding Ms Johnson and four others, seemingly attempting to question them about their whereabouts.

As one police officer stood next to her and another question her she questioned: “No! Why are you doing that? Don’t touch me, I’m not refusing, excuse me … listen, I’m not refusing, let me put down the phone.”

The police tried to talk to her, saying: “I want to have a conversation with you, listen to me, relax your arm, you have been warned to leave the area. You are under arrest for gathering in an area with more than two people.”

Meanwhile, she added: “I will listen to you, sir, I have not done anything as yet I’m walking away. Can you get off me?” She then asked her friend to film this, saying: “I’ve not done anything”, continuing to protest her innocence.

Afterwards, while being led to a van, she shouted: “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE, because you don’t know what peace looks like, you’re arresting me for what?”

She and her companions were then taken to Brixton police station to be questioned. Once released, she said: “They arrested me but I’m out, I’m okay, I’m good,” adding the slogan “all power to the people always” and “power to the people always and every day… Black Power.”