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Trump Considers Setting Up New Patriot Party

In the wake of losing the Presidential election, alleged voter fraud and GOP Representatives abandoning him, former President Trump is reportedly considering starting his own political party.

In the final days of his Presidency, Donald Trump had reportedly discussed the possibility of setting up a new political party, called the Patriot Party, with several aides.

The party could be the manifestation of what Trump echoed during his farewell speech, when he stated: “The movement we started is only just beginning. We will be back in some form.”

Although standing as a representative of the GOP, his personality and policies while President divided not only the country, but the Republican Party itself.

Many high-profile Republicans have openly condemned his Presidency as a stain on the party, while other have simply distanced themselves from his more controversial actions.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blamed Trump for the violence that took place at the Capitol in Washington on 6th January.

Trump continues to command strong support among rank and file GOP voters, as well as Middle America and some voters who are not seriously invested in party politics.

The new party could allow him to continue to exert some influence over the base of supporters that he established while in office.

How serious or involved Trump is about this proposal is yet to be determined. It would require significant time and financial investment.

Third parties have a long and unsuccessful history in US national elections. It has been suggested that the GOP would try its utmost to maintain party unity.

Trump is currently eligible to run in future elections, although his second impeachment trial in the Senate – to begin next week – could convict him.

This would eliminate his ability to run in any future election.