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Leaked Footage Shows Starmer Wants To Abolish Monarchy

Footage has been unveiled of the current Labour leader disparaging the institution of the monarchy.

A recording of Sir Keir Starmer saying that he wanted to “abolish the monarchy” was released by Guido Fawkes this morning. The interview dates back to 2005.

This footage has been released right after The Guardian broke a story based on a leak from Labour’s internal strategy, which revealed plans to “change the party’s body language” by focusing on patriotism. The video will likely undermine these proposed changes.

Credit: Rwendland
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The plan will seek to make use of “the flag, veterans [and] dressing smartly” in order to win back Red Wall voters. The Guardian reports that the party’s Head of Research had argued that voters were confused about “what we stand for, and what our purpose is, but also who we represent”. One slide highlighted the need to communicate that “Labour’s respect and commitment for the country can represent a change in the party’s body language”.

Credit: Labour

Clive Lewis was one MP who questioned the proposed strategy, saying: “The Tory Party has absorbed UKIP and now Labour appears to be absorbing the language and symbols of the Tory Party.”

He continued: “It’s not patriotism; it’s Fatherland-ism. There’s a better way to build social cohesion than moving down the track of the nativist right.”

In the video, Starmer is seen pointing out the irony between joining the Queen’s Council, despite supporting the abolition of the monarchy.

The Labour leader said: I also got made a Queen’s Counsel, which is odd since I often used to propose the abolition of the monarchy.”

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