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Cadbury Moves Dairy Milk Production Back To UK In Post-Brexit Boost

In a boost of confidence to the UK economy, British icon Cadbury is moving production back to Bournville after £15m investment.

Cadbury’s parent company, Mondelēz, has decided to move the majority of its production of the famous Dairy Milk chocolate back to the UK by 2022.

Since 2014 Cadbury have invested £80 million in its Bournville production facility, increasing its efficiency by 30%.

The company have said they will be investing a further £15 million in the facility, creating 125 million more bars.

According to Cadbury, £11 million of the funding will go towards creating a new “production line of the future”.

Louise Stigant, UK Managing Director for Mondelēz, said: “At a time when UK manufacturing is facing significant challenges, it’s never been more vital to secure the long-term competitiveness and sustainability of our business.

“We now have an opportunity at Bournville to further invest in its future as the home and heart of Cadbury by bringing more Cadbury Dairy Milk production to Bournville.

“This investment will continue the modernising of our production processes at Bournville and ensure we are meeting the need for a highly efficient and robust supply infrastructure for our iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk tablets.”

Trade unions have applauded the decision as a boost to Brexit Britain, saying it is a “vote of confidence in the UK workforce”.

A small percentage of Cadbury Dairy Milk tablets will continue to be produced in Ireland, Germany, Hungary and Poland.

This is because, according to Mondelēz, not all bars can be produced at Bournville due to the “many formats and sizes tablets come in, each format requires different equipment, for example moulds, to make them”.

It comes as Nissan hailed the benefits of Brexit to their business, and the supermarket giants Aldi and Morrison are investing in British goods.