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Corbyn Ally MP Breaks Lockdown Law For Illegal Protest

Corbynite MP Richard Burgon has posted a video on social media showing his violation of Covid gathering laws.

The former Shadow Justice Secretary was seen proudly waving GMB union flags in front of the British Gas building in Leeds at an illegal gathering.

The illegal gathering was in protest of British Gas’ “fire and rehire plans”, which Burgon labelled “disgraceful”.

The MP for Leeds East can be seen on his social media waving flags with others to show his support and “solidarity” for the GMB workers.

In the replies to his tweet, one of Burgon’s supporters claimed that “there is no pandemic” and claimed that there is “nothing ‘beloved’ about the NHS”.

Burgon had also been critical of Dominic Cummings, former Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister, and his alleged violation of the first lockdown regulations. Burgon stated that he believes “any Minister undermining them [lockdown travel laws] will be sacked” and believed that Cummings should have been sacked.

On Sunday evening, Burgon also attended a private #StopTheLabourLockout event that overwhelmingly expressed support for the restoration of the parliamentary Labour whip to former leader Jeremy Corbyn, whose tenure resulted in a European Human Rights Commission report finding that there was unlawful behaviour within the party that amounted to anti-Semitism.

Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, said: “The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report is a groundbreaking document. It is the first ever finding by the EHRC of unlawful acts. It heavily criticises the Labour Party’s former leadership. It makes clear recommendations to ensure that there is zero tolerance of anti-semitism in the Party in the future. It provides a robust framework for ensuring that the Party complies.”

Burgon has previously been publicly critical of the state of Israel, claiming that “Zionism is an enemy of peace”. He had initially denied making these comments until video evidence emerged of the incident.