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Churchill Worse Than Nazis, Says Black Studies Professor

A taxpayer-funded academic has described Sir Winston Churchill as a “white supremacist” and repeatedly compared him to Adolf Hitler.

Professor Kehinde Andrews, a lecturer in Black Studies at Birmingham City University, branded the British Empire and Churchill “far worse than the Nazis” at a debate at Churchill College Cambridge.

Professor Andrews believes that Britain’s prosperity is “largely produced off the economic system that extracts wealth by exploiting Africa and the underdeveloped world”. However, he has accepted as an employee of a public university that his “primary income” does come from the state.

The Conservative MP for North-West Leicestershire, Andrew Bridgen, asked: “Well, if he holds those views, why is he living off the public purse?”

Mr Bridgen also added: “I’m absolutely happy for people to have a debate and people can hold whatever views they want. But if they read history, [I] hope they will consult [those] history books and come to their own decision that Churchill was fundamental to the defeat of the Nazis.”

Professor Andrews stated that he believes that World War Two “would have ended the same way” with or without the leadership of Churchill. He also said this of Churchill: “It’s almost like he’s been beatified – he’s a saintly figure who’s beyond reproach. But Churchill wasn’t even that popular at the time; he was never elected and, after the war effort where he supposedly single-handedly led the world against the Nazis, he lost the election.”

He also discredited the former Prime Minister’s contribution to the country, saying: “Was it Churchill out there fighting the war? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. I’m pretty sure he was at home.”

When Professor Andrews received a backlash on Twitter, he claimed that Churchill “believed in the superiority of the Aryan ‘race'” and was “NOT a force for good in the world”.