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Khan Plans To Tear Down Nelson And Churchill Statues

The recent creation of a diversity taskforce for London’s landmarks has threatened the statues of our historical heroes.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, recently created a team of ‘unelected activists’ to increase the diversity of statues around London. This includes the statues of national heroes situated in both Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square.

As a result, the important figures of Churchill and Lord Nelson are under threat of removal by the taskforce.

MP for Orpington, Gareth Bacon, has tweeted saying: “No politician should be allowed to erase the swathes of British history.”

Some of the biggest military heroes in British history are now in danger of having their commemorative statues removed.

The commission for Diversity in the Public Realm was announced earlier this week and has been given the authority from Sadiq Kahn to remove statues and alter street names.

In total there are over 25 statues, monuments, busts and features all under fire from the group of “loony protestors” with the power to erase the most important aspects of British history.

There has since been large uproar from the public saying that “London is our capital, not Khan’s.”.

The 2020 London Mayor election was postponed to May 2021 so Khan is attempting to make large changes to the capital in his potentially final weeks in office.

The diversity task force has directly put the statues of Churchill and Lord Nelson under threat of removal after controversy in 2020 over both monuments “honouring racists.”