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Woke Labour Policy Document Suggests Reparations

A Labour Party document has called for a set of radical policies including reparations for former colonies.

The policy document, in addition to calling for reparations for former United Kingdom colonies, also suggests the abolition of the royal honours list and disestablishment of the Church of England. The introduction of votes for prisoners is also advocated in the paper.

The Labour Policy document was written by the party’s external governance officer Seán Patrick Griffin. The proposals were titled “Remaking Of The British State: For The Many, Not The Few”. The document comes after Labour’s proposals to rebrand the Party as patriotic.

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The document argue that “socialists should seek to reorder the British state and hardwire the constitution in favour of socialist objectives.

“This must be a central plank of the Labour Party’s vision to transform the UK.”

The document also claims to be “a first attempt at informing the much-needed debate that is required within the Party” and “aspires to imagine what a democratic socialist constitution for the UK might look like.”

Other policy proposals mentioned in the 234 page document include: The abolition of trade union laws, allowing for the return of flying pickets and general strikes, the disestablishment of the Church of England, the House of Lords to be abolished and replaced by ‘the Senate of Nations and Regions’, the implementation of parliamentary approval from both houses in order to activate the military, lowering the voting age to 16 and the abolition of ‘all of the trappings and add-ons of the Monarchy’.

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Current Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer may find favour in the prospect of ending “add-ons” for the monarchy after footage was released showing a young Keir Starmer expressing support for the abolition of the monarchy.

On the reparations to former colonies the document states “the British state should set up a reparations fund as part of the constitution, which offers financial assistance to communities across the world that can show loss and detriment as a result of the actions of the British state.”