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Think Tank Requests Investigation Into Carrie Symonds

An investigation should begin into the role of the Prime Minister’s fiancée in decision-making, according to a conservative think tank.

The Bow Group, a conservative think tank, has questioned the influence of Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds. The group, whose members include Conservative MPs and peers, has requested an independent investigation into the “position and authority” of Ms Symonds.

Questions arose over the role of Ms Symonds following the dismissal of two key aides to the Prime Minister. Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain left Number 10, following reports that they had fallen out with the Prime Minister’s fiancée. Questions into Ms Symonds’ role were compounded following the hiring of Baroness Finn and Henry Newman, who are known allies of Ms Symonds, in advisory roles to the Prime Minister.

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The group is requesting details of any meetings Ms Symonds has attended as well as any directives she has given to the Civil Service or Special Advisors.

Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Bow Group, said Ms Symonds “currently holds no official role in the Conservative Party or the Government, yet consistent reports in the press suggest that Ms Symonds is taking a central role in running the country, without any authority or accountability to do so”.

He continued: “She has not been elected, she has not been appointed, she holds no legal or constitutional powers to make decisions relating to who should hold government posts, to be party to privileged information, or to set the policy direction of the country.”

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He continued: “It is therefore urgent that a review and inquiry takes place to determine what Ms Symonds’ role in the governing of the United Kingdom is, and has been to date.

“Failure to clarify Ms Symonds’ position and authority, and to ensure that Ms Symonds is not and cannot take any action in governing the United Kingdom, potentially has huge hazards for the government, the Conservative Party, and the nation.

“The public take a very dim view of cronyism; democracy in Britain is and must always be sacred, and no-one should be involved in running our country without accountability to the people.”