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Primary School Children Encouraged To Write Anti-British Poems

Under instruction from the National Trust, 100 school children have been told to write anti-British poems.

Breitbart reports that 100 school children were led on a countryside tour of country houses with links to colonialism.

The students were then encouraged to write poetry “denigrating” the British Empire and the individuals linked to the houses. One house was formerly owned by wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

The programme was led by Leicester University Professor Corinne Fowler, who has previously worked with the National Trust. Professor Fowler told The Times: “Colonial Countryside pupils produced work which expresses the fullest possible range of approaches, perspectives, and emotions, from critical to curious to expressions of wonder.”

The ‘woke’ agenda being implemented by The National Trust has resulted in an internal backlash, with a new pressure group named ‘Restore Trust’ has been formed that aims to protect British history from the larger ‘woke’ atmosphere moving through the charity.

A member of the Restore Trust, Jack Hayward, stated: “We don’t have a problem with an objective assessment of history. We have a problem with people being subjective about history.”

The students who took part seemed to get involved in the purpose of the event. One student responded to seeing a dress sword taken from India by saying: “Stolen by the English; a freedom sword, a stolen freedom sword.”

Alongside this, teaching unions have made major calls to “decolonise” the school curriculum. One method of doing so would involve the teaching of Black History in every subject, especially maths, English, and science.

Some of these unions have also called for creating curricula for toddlers based on exploring and explaining ‘white privilege’.