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BLM Supporting Ben and Jerry’s Wants To Abolish The Police

International ice cream company Ben and Jerry’s has announced on Twitter that they believe in the abolition and rebuilding of the police and judicial system, saying the current system is “rooted in white supremacy”.

Ben and Jerry’s, an American company with multiple criminal convictions, has suggested that the American policing system “cannot be reformed”.

This comes as a result of the murder of Daunte Wright by a police officer last week.

The company has said that “white supremacy” and “the international criminalisation of Black and Brown communities” is the foundation on which current US policing is formed, and that it therefore needs to be completely reconstructed, not just reformed.

In the past, however, the co-founders of Ben and Jerry’s have been arrested and the company received legal challenges as a result of leading an insurrection against the US Government. This is something they condemned the Capitol Hill rioters for earlier this year, suggesting it was a “riot to uphold white supremacy”.

In their tweet, the ice cream company proposed the system should be “dismantled and a real system of public safety rebuilt from the ground up”, amounting to the entire abolition of the current system.

Concluding, the company referenced the #DefundThePolice hashtag, a slogan used by BLM to push for a state with less law enforcement.