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Labour MP’s Tweet Insinuates Killing The Wealthy

A Labour Party MP’s poorly worded tweet has gone viral for its shocking insinuation.

Claudia Webbe, the Labour Party MP for Leicester East, juxtaposed her opinion that the world was overpopulated with the idea that the rich must be “abolished”.

This led to some people suggesting that Ms Webbe was calling for a cull of the wealthy.

Credit: Dan DeLuca
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Following this tweet, Ms Webbe clarified that her attack on the wealthy was due to their contributing a disproportionate amount to carbon emissions.

Claudia Webbe had originally written on Twitter:

She later tweeted in a thread:

“Richest 1% in UK produce 11 times the carbon emissions of poorest 50%. Richest 10% of the world’s population produced 52% of all consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions. Eliminating energy and resource intensive lifestyles of the richest would by far rapidly reduce emissions”.