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Labour Are Old News – Time For The Left To Move On

As new polls show the Conservatives with a fourteen-point lead, left-wing strategists must be ready to abandon the Labour Party.

The COVID-19 crisis has thrown all of our traditions up in the air. No-one can deny that it’s affected pretty much everything. One of those things is party politics; an unavoidable crisis handled well always resonates with voters.

The Conservatives have gone up and down during the pandemic. I remember at the beginning, people were up in arms about the handling of the crisis by Johnson, or at least they were in my circles. Then came the calamity as it continued, and still people were generally angry, but that’s all gone. Politics is funny like that – nobody cares about how a problem starts, as long as it’s fixed well.

The Labour Party has, however, utterly failed as an opposition, and as a government in waiting.

“Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party rally, Canterbury” by chrisjohnbeckett is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Keir Starmer is not the leader needed to defeat the Conservatives. Labour as a parliamentary party is crumbling, and the evidence of this will either be thrown into disrepute or cemented depending on how the Hartlepool election goes.

Labour haven’t won a General Election since 2005, so that’s coming up to 16 years. The problems in the party can’t be fixed by one leader. In fact, I’d consider the Labour Party the Titanic at this point. Having seen in the millennium as the party in power, with a good sense of excitement around them, in 2010 they hit the iceberg and they’ve been sinking ever since.

Labour’s membership demands a socialist utopia, and it doesn’t matter how many times they fail to understand that the British people aren’t foolish enough to fall for it – they’ll keep trying.

As wokeism rises, it’s becoming rife through the Labour membership and alienating the core Labour vote. If Keir Starmer tries to appease one group, he annoys another. However, in a democracy, balancing acts mean defeat when your opponent is popular on both fronts.

Labour can’t recover simply because their membership is so blatantly arrogant about their perceived moral high ground, and their never-ending commitment to the idea that people will just see the moral benefit in their policies and will be compelled to vote for them.

The above spells disaster, and for Labour, they are so set in their pathetic arrogance that they aren’t going to change. Neither is the British public, who rightly oppose the anti-British policies emanating from Labour members.

At some point, people on the left must realise that Labour is a doomed ship, slowly sinking. If left-wing policy is to ever return to Britain – and don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining that it isn’t here – it must come from a new party. Someone new, with more enthusiasm and a more flexible membership who can work with the needs and pro-British rhetoric of the British people, not just opposing it as evil colonialism.

Goodbye, Labour – you were fun at times. I won’t be that sad that you’re gone, while new parties are established to take up the mantle of being an opposing force to the Conservatives.

I’ll enjoy the extra victories with a smug smile on my face.