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Government Considers A Ban On European Players To Stop Super-league

Amongst many other options being considered, one of the most recent positions being taken is the banning of European players.

The Superleague proposal has ignited outrage from fans and politicians. Many have voiced their concern online, and for some fans, they took to their stadiums to protest.

“Anfield Stadium, Liverpool FC” by Vincent Teeuwen is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The Superleague has even garnered criticism from celebrities such as James Corden who, on his Late Late Show in the US, described how he felt “heartbroken” by the possible league.

According to POLITICO, Oliver Dowden, the Culture Secretary, is planning many options such as tax rises to stop the formation of the league.

However, a new plan seeks to ban players from European teams from travelling to England, which would stop the league from going ahead.

As it stands now, the government is seeking to further support legislative action against the league with ministers in Spain and the rest of Europe. This morning, more ministers came out against the league, for example, Gavin Williamson stated on Sky News, the new super-league is: “simply not fair”.

The issue has united people across party lines, Labour has come out condemning the super-league. In an interview with the Independent, Keir Starmer was asked about what measures he would support to stop the super-league, he stated:

“I think that controls of the ownership, the scale of the ownership, the size of the ownership, and also a much greater say for fans in the future of their clubs.

I think it might have to be [prising control], or at least limiting the extent of the ownership stake, and also dealing with the speculation element of it.

Foreign speculation almost brought down Wigan Athletic, a great club, a historic club, very important to Wigan itself, and so we’ve got to tackle the ownership question.”

This goes along with possible measures proposed by Dowden, where the UK could implement a German Style Model of fan ownership.