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Sheffield Hallam Student Union Emails Every Student About White Privilege

In recent emails, the student union at Sheffield Hallam has emailed every student about divisive “white privilege” propaganda.

On the 14th of April, Sheffield Hallam Student’s Union invited every member of the Union to an online Zoom event to discuss white privilege and microaggressions.


The Student’s Union had hosted two prior Zoom discussions in a series titled: “Let’s Get Comfortable Talking About Race”.

The email to students explained it was an event that: “Will explore what is meant by the terms white privilege and microaggression. – This session is open to all who are seeking to further their understanding of race and racism”

The “Inclusive Hallam Online Event” was led by Kul Mahay, a former member of the police, for 32 years, turned public speaker and guidance coach. Mahay runs the organisation “Ignite Your Inner Potential”.

The previous sessions were followed by Inclusive Leadership Sessions focussing on promoting diversity in leadership roles. Furthermore, seminars looked at attainment gaps in the University and diversity within attendance.

Mahay has worked on the previous sessions on: “Let’s Get Comfortable Talking About Race”. His main goal is to make a “positive impact” on racial issues and increase emotional intelligence on the subject.

Attendees also discussed lecturers at the University becoming more culturally competent and how they should change their style to suit ethnic minorities who may be impacted as a result of varying factors, such as culture or economics.

The previous sessions displayed images stating: “Sheffield Hallam University Supports Black Lives Matter”. They also made reference to the death of George Floyd and their support of the “global protest” which followed, resulting in various political changes and extreme property damages amounting to nearly 1 billion dollars.