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Scottish University Secretly Promotes Pro-Independence Students

A university in Glasgow has been shown to be facilitating a bias towards students who are pro-Scottish independence.

Strathclyde University has been found to have been selecting students for an overview video of the Scottish Elections, based purely on how they are intending to vote.

The Financial Times has asked the University to take part in a video on the Scottish elections that will be used by the news company online. The purpose of this video is to create an understanding of the student voters in Scotland for the upcoming elections on the 6th of May.

However, instead of using a bipartisan selection process for who will be involved, a favourable bias is being given to those who are pro-independence.

As a result, these students will likely be supporters of either the SNP or the newly formed Alba Party, which may not necessarily be a fair representation of the total student body.

The Financial Times had asked for first-time voters attending the University, but some University staff may be adding a personal bias to those who qualify for the role.

The e-mail that announced a preference for those who support independence was sent by the University’s Head of Social Sciences, who also happens to work at the Trade Union Education Centre in Glasgow.

The Financial Times is yet to release the video and we are still waiting on any comments from Strathclyde University.