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Diane Abbott’s Son Sent Crystal Meth To Her Home

The Labour MP’s Son had crystal meth delivered to her £1.2 million home, and she was also threatened by him with scissors.

James Abbott Thompson, a diplomat, has been given an indefinite hospital order and banned from the Foreign Office until further notice, due to his violent tendencies.

On July 26th last year, officers were called to her home after Abbott Thompson threatened his mother with a gun, which officers believe to have actually been scissors hidden in his dressing gown.

According to the Mail, the officers found Abbott-Thompson in his dressing gown making rape accusations against someone from the Home Office, and told officers to “stop raping me”.

Diane Abbott was supposedly the one to make the 999 call relating to her son threatening her with a firearm. After arriving it was officers who found evidence of crystal meth use in Abbott-Thompsons room.

Abbott-Thompson went on to attack another police officer and attempt to escape from an ambulance. It was determined he was in a drug-induced psychosis.

Abbott-Thompson also beat up two nurses, five police officers, a therapist, and a doctor. He used dinner trays and hot custard to attack people in different hospitals. He threatened nurses trying to assist him.

Abbott-Thompson is suffering mental health issues and was supposedly self-medicating however it became an addiction. This is what stopped his career as a diplomat to Italy.

A judge told Abbott-Thompson: ‘You were a model citizen, you had a good education, a good degree and good employment.

You need to resist the temptation of taking illicit drugs in the future.’