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The Left Are Taking Over

Time is running out to keep our country from falling down the rabbit hole. The left are making moves every day.

I’ve recently been lucky enough to travel around our lovely nation, where I stayed in a cottage home for a week with my parents. There I did some reading, specifically a book by anarchist Noam Chomsky. I think it’s important to know leftist ideology if I’m going to oppose it.

A point Chomsky makes when exploring anarchism and what it is, is the mission of anarchists and socialists alike is to start revolutions, but first to manipulate and alter the culture. This way a revolution is far more socially acceptable and this sort of revolution is planned far in advance with efforts made to make it as easy as possible through cultural domination.

Well, I’m not sure if anyone has noticed but cancel culture is rampant like a wildfire, the violent left vandalise and loot and are widely praised, the media are supportive of their causes, bastions of the past are now relics of an “evil age”, and corporations both tech and non-tech are bending to the ever louder crowd of leftists.

That’s not all, the left are moving into education, only the other day The Point News was able to expose a Primary School for receiving and handing out divisive books on white privilege and critical race theory, etc. to all students. Ensuring that these students grow up with the left’s ridiculous narrative built into their character.

We’ve let them walk right in and do it. Cancel Culture and the left’s fear mentality have pushed conservatives and even centrists to the edge of culturally acceptable.

We back down, cancel culture only exists because somewhere down the line, an individual was cancelled and accepted it to save face; instead of taking the hit and standing strong.

We can’t back down, organisations like Turning Point UK don’t. They stand up and try to reach as many people as possible to get them away from the corruption of leftist and woke false narratives.

Whether it is planned or not, we can see the cultural aggression from the left. Making conservatism synonymous with evil incarnate, replacing only the leftist narrative as the sole good.

Soon the majority of people will be trapped with the wool over their eyes. They’ll be none the wiser as the revolution whether violent or through seizing democratic power at all stages, takes over every wake of life, and the greatest fraud in history will have succeeded.

Whether the lies come clean or not it will be too late to stop them, they’ll have a cultural hook with people willing to blindly follow anything the key figures of leftism state. No one will be able to stand up to them, and everything we love about this nation will be torn down, piece by piece.

Stand up, don’t take the lies, don’t back down from loving your country or being proud of our history. Don’t be afraid to say it, even if it means being the centre of attention from very angry people, it could inspire another conservative to do the same.

They win because of fear, let’s show them how afraid we are.