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Woke Celebrities And Politicians Believe That Police Shouldn’t Do Their Job

After an onslaught of BLM campaigning, it appears that their latest martyr may be less innocent than initially reported.

Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, tragically lost her life after being shot by a police officer in Columbus, Ohio. Black Lives Matter predictably claimed that this was a modern-day lynching of an innocent black child by a murderous, racist cop. However, their narrative has already begun to unravel as the facts proceed to come out.

It turns out that Bryant was actually trying to stab someone and was viewed as an immediate threat to human life.

Via Andy Ngo on Twitter

LeBron James took to social media to share his outrage towards the officer and ominously stated: “you’re next”. The NBA star made it clear to his 49.6 million Twitter followers that he wanted “accountability” for the police officer who saved a young black woman from being stabbed.

BLM activist Bree Newsome also puzzled many in criticising the officer for doing his job by saying: “Teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons. We do not need police to address these situations.”

Ironically, many on the left rubbished these ridiculous claims. CNN anchor Don Lemon, who has pledged his support for BLM in the past, sided with the police on this occasion. He said: “They roll up on the scene, they see people tussling around. Someone has a knife. And their job is to protect and serve.”

Reinforcing Lemon’s argument, fellow CNN anchor Chris Cuomo admitted that a police officer has “a duty to use force to protect his own life or the life of another.”

This incident further portrays BLM’s real priority: tearing down key institutions of Western civilisation, starting with law enforcement.