Home News COVID Marshall Covered In COVID-Sceptic Materials At “Freedom” Protest

COVID Marshall Covered In COVID-Sceptic Materials At “Freedom” Protest

The Freedom Demonstration which saw thousands attend was patrolled by marshals, one who displayed COVID Sceptic Materials.

The COVID Marshall, seen above wore a sticker linked to the A Stand in The Park movement. According to the PlymouthLive this is an anti-lockdown group with roots in Australia having spread to the UK.

The Freedom Protest took place on the 24th of April and saw thousands of people take to the streets of central London to protest lockdown. Many signs stated “We do not consent” and “No to vaccine passports”.

Reuters states the event was organised by “Unite for Freedom”. Most protestors were unmasked and held up further signs opposing lockdown, with signs such as “Lockdowns kill”

There were some political figures there including Laurence Fox, the Reclaim Party candidate for London Mayor. He spoke about the event on Twitter


The event did however leave some police injured. ITV writes that eight police officers were injured as they cleared the crowds away. Officers had bottles and other objects thrown at them.

The freedom protest was against coronavirus restrictions however has seen widespread support on social media.