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Lithuania’s Foreign Affairs Minister Has A “Small D***”

The Russian Embassy in Belarus has tweeted taunting the Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minister with a “small penis” jibe.

This weekend, the official Twitter account of the Russian Embassy in Belarus has retweeted the Foreign Affairs Minister for Lithuania’s announcement of the expulsion of two Russian Embassy employees, claiming it was “#smalldickenergy”.

The original tweet by Lansbergis was the Foreign Affairs Minister extending his support to the Eastern European countries, whilst announcing that two Russian diplomats had been expelled for their inappropriate behaviour.

Unsurprisingly, this did not go down well with the Russian Embassy working in Belarus, which took to Twitter to make personal remarks on the size of the Minister’s penis. A number of responses have been made across the social media platform, with a variety of both supportive and contradictory replies.

This has raised questions across Twitter, with many raising concerns over the state of Russian diplomacy and foreign affairs. One Twitter user responded to the tweet stating that “some ill-mannered idiots have seized power in the Motherland”.

This is not the first time that the Twitter account for the Russian Embassy in Belarus has made such remarks. The day before the jibe against the Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minister, the Russian Embassy responded to the same tweet, labelling it “#smalldickenergy”, which was quickly deleted but replaced the next day.


Many Eastern European activists against Russia have used this on social media as evidence against the competence of the Russian Government.