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Patel Left With Questions To Answer After Farage Criticism

Nigel Farage has slammed the Home Secretary after a huge number of migrant boats arrived in Dover this week.

Kent Online report that over 100 illegal immigrants arrived in Dover on 30th April 2021. On Wednesday, there were allegedly a record number of arrivals from France, with the British Border Force reportedly intercepting 9 small boats and taking in 209 people. French Border Control are also believed to have stopped 7, which allegedly contained a combined total of 166 migrants.

Priti Patel has unsurprisingly faced criticism following the increased number of illegal crossings over the English Channel.

Nigel Farage was the most prominent figure to speak out against the Home Secretary this week, with the former UKIP and Reform UK party leader tweeting: “Another huge pile of boats in the harbour at Dover. Would @PritiPatel care to comment?”

Patel has also recently faced backlash from Conservative MP Chris Clarkson, after witnesses claimed to have seen members of the Rochdale grooming gang roaming free throughout the local community. Speaking to Rochdale Online, he said: “The Home Secretary needs to deliver on promises she made. Instead of talking, it is well past time that she acted to deport these criminals.”

Clarkson has now, however, been assured that the Home Secretary is “taking the necessary steps to ensure that these criminals are removed from our country as quickly as possible”.

If Patel continues to leave questions unanswered, it is expected that right-wing confidence in her role as Home Secretary will continue to decline.