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Owen Jones Mugged For The Third Time In London – Still Supports Khan

The “Anti-Fascist” Guardian columnist was a victim of a mugging in Islington, a Labour area, and part of a city with an ever-growing crime epidemic.

Owen Jones has tweeted out his frustration with being mugged for the third time. Cycling in Islington, Jones’ phone was taken from his bike.

Jones was also quick to inform his followers that this took place in Islington. Islington has two constituencies, Islington North (Jeremy Corbyn MP) and Islington South and Finsbury (Emily Thornburry MP)

Jones is a known socialist and avid Labour supporter, which is ironic given the Labour Mayor of London and their appalling record on crime.

Sadiq Khan has utterly failed London on crime. Under Khan’s term as Mayor, crime in London has increased. Sadiq Khan’s largest opponent Shaun Bailey hasn’t let the issues of crime get away from his opponent. In a tweet, Bailey reminded supporters of Khan’s record:

Jones has suffered from three muggings and he still supports Khan, but that’s not all, he is also a large BLM supporter. Black Lives Matter openly supports the abolition of the police, and many times has Jones supported the organisation and made claims to the systemic racism of the police. One might wonder whether or not Jones would support more police officers given his own problem with crime, or would he support abolition.

Jones is also a big supporter of Kill the Bill protests, which have led to violence against police officers in the past. Which further begs the question, would he support the police or want them abolished?

Khan’s plan for London on crime and policing is focussed on 6000 more police officers and maintaining existing policies, which haven’t done so well. That much is clear, other candidates have focussed far more on crime, such as Shaun Bailey or Laurence Fox.