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Lib Dem Councillor Caught Censoring Political Opponent

The incumbent councillor was caught on video removing a leaflet from a doorstep while posting their own.

The Point News was contacted by a concerned individual, who was “gobsmacked” by what they describe as “the attempts being made to stifle democracy”.

In the ward of Lambrok in the town of Trowbridge, incumbent Liberal Democrat councillor Jo Trigg was caught on camera removing the leaflet of independent candidate Paul Egan.

A resident sent the video of her own doorstep cam to the independent who was quick to contact his opponent, due to his shock.

Egan further stated: “

I am calling on residents to not vote for this party on Thursday as a consequence of this. This is unacceptable behaviour and destroys people’s trust in local councillors.

I’m sorry but this absolutely needs to be called out — elections are won and lost over a few votes. Good local democracy operates on consent and fair play, this mocks everything we stand for as a democratic country.”

The Liberal Democrat candidate when questioned, did not deny what she had done. In a messenger conversation shared with the Point News, when asked whether she had done this or not Jo Trigg stated: “Ha! That’s exactly what I did cos thought you’d dropped it”.

It was revealed by the resident they had accidentally left the leaflet outside after they had begun to read it, and were shocked when they watched the leaflet be taken away. The resident stated:

“Hi I just wanted to let you know that I was reading your leaflet yesterday and left it on my front door step by mistake. I’ve just had a notification that someone was at my front door. I’ve looked and watched a women posting something through my door then picking up the leaflet and taking it away with her. I’ve checked what was put through and it was from jo trigg. I think this is disgusting behaviour and thought you should know.”