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Pro-Palestine Protestors Attempt “To Kill” Jewish Man In New York

A video has been shared on Twitter displaying graphic footage of a heavily injured Jewish man as he attempts, with the help of police, to flee pursuing protestors.

In New York today, a Jewish man was assaulted by pro-Palestine protestors who severely injured him. It is unclear how far protestors would have gone, as video evidence shows their commitment to physical violence, attempting to push past police to further assault the man.

While little is known at the time, supposedly the man made “hateful comments”, according to one of the protestors chasing him. This altercation resulted in some form of violence, which left the Jewish man bleeding heavily and fleeing for his safety. The video was published by an independent reporter and shared by many who were horrified by the display:


While the comment “lynching” is unconfirmed, further videos have been released showing that the man was safely escorted away by police.

While unconfirmed, it is believed the incident that occurred was a metal chair being thrown at the Jewish man. NYPD Riot Police supposedly detained the individual who threw the chair, a pro-Palestine protestor, and then proceeded to let him go.