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Keir Starmer Called A “Sh**bag” At Protest

The Leader of the Opposition was deemed a “sh**bag”, following the speaker to introduce Jeremy Corbyn as the “Real Leader of the Opposition”

During yesterday’s “Free Palestine” march in London, Keir Starmer was referred to as “the little sh**bag”, and instead Jeremy Corbyn was introduced as the “real leader of the opposition”. The protest took place throughout London, turning into a large scale march which ended up in tube stations, and all over the streets of London. The goal of the rally was to raise awareness around the “Free Palestine” movement, which in recent days caused a strong spike in anti-semetism.

In an effort to move past the anti-semitism coming from many “Free Palestine” activists, Jeremy Corbyn was picked as a speaker for the protest. Many signs in the protest stated “End Israeli State Terror” or “Stop the Siege”. Nearly all political posters or signs, were also adorned with the advertisement of the left-wing party or organisation which created them. Some signs even compared the state of Israels behaviour to that of the Nazi government.

The protest was attended by other left wing figures including John McDonnell, Dianne Abbot and Zarah Sultana.

The video containing Keir Starmer’s description was shared by Aaron Bastani, a vocal marxist:

A video closer to the speaker was also shared on TikTok: