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Labour Party Member States “House Ne***” Not A Racist Term

Liz Fekete, Director of the Institute of Race Relations, has been recorded at a Jewish Voice for Labour meeting stating that “house ne***” is not a racist term and only causes offence.

In a video shared by Calvin Robinson, Labour Party member Liz Fekete declared that “house ne***” is not a racist term, but can only cause offence. In this video, she also stated that Aysha Khanom, a former Academic Advisor for Leeds Beckett University, who used the term to describe Calvin Robinson, did not use the term at all.

Fekete instead stated that Khanom was targeted by “far-right trolls”, in reference to The Point News. We previously revealed that Khanom had in fact admitted to using the language, saying “I speak what everyone thinks” and “I have no shame in my views”, and was without regret, claiming that Robinson was a “mascot of white supremacy”. She also did not appear to disapprove of the original tweet in any way.

The original screenshots of the messages were archived by The Point News:

Fekete, however, seems to state that she “didn’t even use the term herself” and that someone else at The Race Trust “didn’t even use the term”, but may have “made comments”. The organisation had released a statement saying that it was not in fact Ms Khanom who had posted the original tweet.

Robinson, who shared the video, was outraged at all of the comments made, stating on Twitter: “I don’t share your politics, so I’m fair game? What a horrible stance to take.” Robinson is often targeted by left-wing individuals who make racist slurs against him, similar to those used by Khanom.

Fekete stated they were “distinguishing between racism and offence”.

The video can be found below: