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Tory MP Exposes Labour Leader’s Restrictions Hypocrisy

A Conservative MP has exposed the Leader of the Labour Party on Twitter by highlighting his hypocrisy on Covid restrictions.

Mark Harper, the leader of the Covid Recovery Group in Parliament, posted a picture of Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour Party Leader, at Wembley Stadium talking to a Scotland fan. The picture shows Sir Starmer not socially distancing and without a mask, despite the Government guidance advising that masks should be worn in enclosed public areas.

Credit: Mark Harper / Twitter

The Government’s website states:

“Visitors are not required to wear face coverings in sport facilities, however they should be encouraged to wear face coverings in enclosed public areas when not engaging in sport or physical activity.”

The picture was taken soon after the Labour Party backed the Government in extending the coronavirus regulations past the original 21st June deadline. The new deadline has been set at 19th July.

Mr Harper called out the Labour leader for voting to extend the restrictions while also mingling with supporters indoors without a mask.

Credit: Richard Townshend, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

The Tory MP wrote on Twitter:

“I’m happy for @Keir_Starmer that he had a nice time at the footie last night. It’s just a bit galling to see this 48 hours after he voted for this kind of stuff to continue to be illegal at weddings. Labour hypocrisy.”

Mr Harper has been a long-standing critic of the Government’s actions during the coronavirus pandemic. He has criticised what he believes to be the Government’s heavy handed approach to restrictions including the overuse of lockdowns.