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Security concern or just plain idiotic?

Matt Hancock is undoubtedly an idiot.

Of course, most of us already knew that – a man who cheats on his wife is pretty much always lacking in brain cells.

That, however, is not the point of this article. As glad as I am that Hancock was exposed for the person he is, it does bring up massive concerns for national security as to how that footage even exists.

Luckily, Hancock was only the Health Secretary. As such, there is very little in terms of national security that could be compromised. However, the principle stands: if footage from a Government office can be taken that easily, what is there to stop secret Government documents relating to a Navy destroyer ending up at a bus stop?

Absolutely nothing, because that has already happened…

Security in this Government is a joke and it has been for years – I myself have seen this firsthand. In July of 2018, I took work experience with my MP for a few days. I was searched once, given a badge with my name on it and consequently whisked through on any other day without so much as checking my bags. Not exactly difficult to get past security the second time, as though they were not even there.

If these type of things are quite common, I can only imagine how much information is being given to our adversaries! Surely we are more competent than this? I don’t even believe that myself. If our politicians are all slimy dirtbags who are willing to stab each other in the back to get the upper hand in the polls, then what is to stop them from leaking information for their own benefit? It’s certainly not to be put past them at this point.

Our politicians have a culture that has no honesty or integrity. This has to change – if not for the good of politics, then for the safety of our country. We cannot have personal interests getting in the way of the country’s interests.