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Farage Pressures Home Secretary Over Border Crisis

The former leader of Reform UK has visited the shores of Britain once more to cover the ongoing illegal immigration crisis.

Nigel Farage, who recently left his role as the Leader of Reform UK, has gone to Kent to shed light on the daily events at the seaside.

In doing so, he put pressure on the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, to sort out the crisis at the border. Mr Farage has been campaigning and documenting the issue for over a year in order to stimulate some action on the crisis.

“Priti Patel Covid-19 Press Conference 25/04” by UK Prime Minister is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

In the footage provided by Mr Farage, the images showed a group of young men who had recently arrived by dinghy being checked over and processed by police officers. Mr Farage also showed the pre-prepared coach that would take the migrants to a “four-star hotel”, where they would be held.

In another piece of footage, a recently abandoned dinghy is shown. The occupants had fled the vessel into the surrounding countryside. Mr Farage reported that the police were at the time involved in a man-hunt to collect the illegal immigrants.

Illegal Migrants Crossing The English Channel – Credit: Nigel Farage / Twitter

In the video, Mr Farage says:

“We are currently running on double the rate of last year. It will be at least 20,000 this year unless something is done. That is coming at massive cost to this country. And please bear this in mind, when the newspapers show you pictures of young kids and women, 85% of those that come are young men between 18 to 28 years old and frankly we’ve no idea who they really are. And Priti Patel, well, I’d say Priti Useless.”

Ms Patel has been trying to solve the issue with a new Bill in Parliament. The Nationality and Borders Bill is sent to be introduced to Parliament next week. The Bill will, according to the Home Secretary, “break the cruel business of the gangs who are fuelling illegal entry”.

In another Twitter post, Ms Patel says that the Bill will help refugees whose lives are in danger, make sure they properly integrate into our society and end illegal migration to the UK.

The Bill’s details can be seen here.