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Connor McGregor Attacks Irish Government Over Terror Attack Failure

Conor McGregor - Originally posted to Flickr as "UFC 189 World Tour Aldo vs. McGregor London 2015" Cropped by UCinternational

Irish Mixed Martial Arts champion, Connor McGregor, has launched a scathing attack on the Irish government following their response to the mass stabbings of three children and a woman in Dublin’s latest terror attack.

The four victims were attacked by a 50-year-old man – believed to be an Algerian migrant – outside Gaelscoil Choláiste Mhuire, a school in Ireland’s capital. The attack only ended after members of the public intervened and subdued the knife-wielding terrorist.

A five-year-old girl, as well as a woman in her thirties, remain in critical condition in hospital. The two other victims – a six-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy – are reportedly in a stable condition following medical treatment.

McGregor initially requested an update on “the wellbeing of those stabbed today”, which he described as “absolutely horrific scenes”, that left his stomach “churning”, on the social media platform X – formerly known as Twitter.

The MMA fighter then launched into an attack on Ireland’s government, “with no action being taken at all during these ever more frequent events, like literally zero action taken whatsoever, how do we expect an end to this? We need reform. We need action!”.

“You reap what you sow”, McGregor continued in an apparent reference to the Irish government’s lax border policies.


“Innocent children ruthlessly stabbed by a mentally deranged non-national in Dublin, Ireland today”, McGregor continued in another tweet.

“There is grave danger among us in Ireland that should never be here in the first place, and there has been zero action done to support the public in any way, shape or form with this frightening fact. Not good enough.”, Mcgregor insisted.

“Make change or make way. Ireland for the victory. God bless those attacked today, we pray”, McGregor finished.

In a later tweet, McGregor suggested that the terrorist should face “torture and death” when asked what sentence he should receive.

McGregor proceeded to criticize the response of the Irish Garda commissioner, Drew Harris, to the riots among Dubliners that were triggered by the news of the terror attack.

Harris had claimed that rioters – who were recorded chanting “Irish Lives Matter” – were a “complete lunatic hooligan faction driven by far-right ideology”.

This response from Harris did not sit well with McGregor who retorted, “our chief of police had this to say on the riots in the aftermath. Drew, not good enough”.


McGregor also commended Caio Benicio, the Brazilian Deliveroo driver, for his decisive actions that curtailed the terrorist’s violent attack, hailing him as “the real hero”.

The 43-year-old driver reportedly utilized his motorbike helmet to strike the assailant, described by McGregor as a “non-national,” effectively thwarting further harm to the school children by preventing additional stabbings.

“I didn’t even make a decision, it was pure instinct, and it was all over in seconds. He fell to the ground, I didn’t see where knife went, and other people stepped in,” Benicio told The Journal.

“I have two kids myself, so I had to do something. I did what anyone would do. People were there but they couldn’t step in because he was armed, but I knew I could use my helmet as a weapon.”, Benicio continued.

Upon learning of Benicio’s actions, McGregor showered him with praise, “Bravo our Brazilian brother in Ireland, working hard, earning a living, and contributing to Irish society! This is it! We love, appreciate and respect you greatly! Thank you so much Caio Benicio! You are forever free to eat at my establishment The Black Forge Inn”.