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Boris To Ban Huawei From British 5G Network in Major Victory For Anti-Communist Campaigners

In a major victory for opponents of the Communist Part of China, is understood that Huawei will now face a 5G ban in the UK within a matter of weeks.

Boris Johnson’s government has reportedly decided against allowing Huawei to contribute to Britain’s new 5G infrastructure after many corners including the Trump administration and members of Boris Johnson’s cabinet labelled the corporation as a high-level security threat which could compromise the national security of the UK and indeed the USA as part of the planned UK – USA trade deal.

GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre put forward a stark assessment of Huawei stating in a recent assessment that US sanctions meant that it “can no longer assure the security of Huawei’s products”

It is understood that this assessment by GCHQ was instrumental in the UK’s central government changing its stance on China and Boris Johnson’s administration is rapidly swinging its weight behind a full ban on Huawei participating in any part of Britain’s new 5G network.

China has been quick to condemn the ban, arguing that the move is an insult to its national pride. Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming argued that the ban would damage trust between China and the UK and undermine relations.

In a statement made via video-conference to reporters this week,  Liu Xiaoming, China’s ambassador to the UK stated:

 “If you do not want Huawei, it is up to you. We want to be your friend, we want to be your partner, but if you want to make China a hostile partner you have to bear the consequences.”

These threats will likely not sway the Conservative government and it is understood a full ban on Huawei participating in Britain’s 5G network may emerge within a matter of weeks.

This move will be seen as a victory by anti-communist campaigners who are also pressing for a full-boycott of Chinese products in an effort to isolate the regime which is accused of aggressive international behaviour and internal human rights abuses.