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Anti-Lockdown Protests Gain Global Traction

Protesters across the world are uniting with one strong voice in opposition to the archaic and draconian lockdowns and restrictions being imposed by various governments across the world.

On Saturday, the 29th of August, Londoners felt it was time to send a message to the British government that no excuse, be it even public health, will be tolerated when pitted against their right to peaceful assembly.

Hundreds if not thousands of protestors packed out the iconic Trafalgar Square to take a stand for their beliefs that public servants have made a gross overreach in reacting to the Coronavirus.

Boris Johnson at one of the Coronavirus Downing Street Press Briefings – Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) – Photo by Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street

The British public is taking stock of the statistics that, across the nation, the average life expectancy is lower than than the median age of people dying due to the disease, according to an article in the Daily Mail. Without a vaccine like for the flu and any universally approved medication, the coronavirus fatality rate is at 0.6% and that of the flu is 0.1%, according to the WHO’s latest estimate.

This fraction is down from the 2-3% originally predicted in a stream of U-turns by the WHO during this entire ‘crisis’. The all-controlling, ratings-driven media and the totalitarian might of the state are stressing that, while it may not sound like a lot, it is quite high. No-one seems to be locking down for measles, however, which stands at a 1.45% mortality number and an R-rate of 12-18 (also known as infection reproduction number) at present, notwithstanding a widely-used and approved vaccine. The current coronavirus R-rate is 1.0 across the United Kingdom.

Anti-Mask rally Dublin, Ireland
Credit: HelloIrlandia livestream screenshot

On August 22nd, a mass rally in Dublin conveyed a message to the Taoiseach that they would not be wearing the mandated masks in the Republic of Ireland. Contrary to popular reporting, the rally consisted of various people from different walks of life and from all races, not just a gathering of white supremacists to pledge allegiance to a Neo-Nazi. The Irish police have been instructed to crack down hard on any organisers and deal with any critics of strong self-certified HSE governmental policies, which they are currently in the process of doing.

Germany protests lockdowns
Photo by: Leonhard Lenz
Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

In Berlin, memories of past totalitarian regimes have been brought to the fore, with Angela Merkel vowing to crack down on any free citizens who violate the anti-protest bans to protest against government control. A German court had to step in and allow for the peaceful protests to go ahead. 22,000 taxpayers, gathered on the streets of the national capital on 29th of August, in defiance of government policy and its strong handedness in quelling criticism. Police soon disbanded the protests on orders of the Government, stating that the protesters were not wearing masks at an anti-mask protest.

Coronavirus lockdown protests in USA.
Photo by: Becker1999
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

These and many more protests continue to increase in volume and grow around the world, despite criticism and severe opposition in Australia, the “let us worship rallies” in the United States of America and many other nations.