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China Joins The Left In Celebrating President Trump’s Covid Diagnosis

A report by The Sun confirms that journalists sympathising with China’s Communist Party have joined forces with their Western brothers-in-arms on the left and the mainstream media to celebrate the diagnosis of the sitting POTUS.

President Trump Departs for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, October 4, 2019,
Source: The White House
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Such joint efforts and momentous collaborations should come as no surprise, considering a travel ban on China at the onset of the pandemic was deemed “xenophobic” and condemned by the WHO. When the mishandling of data collection from Communist China and insufficient containment measures originally recommended by WHO began to come to light, the “experts” changed their tune and began to recommend lockdowns. Rather conveniently, however, while berating Her Majesty’s Government, they have remained silent about Wuhan’s pool party, the pioneer and once the epicentre of the outbreak.

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Clickbait headlines with misleading information like “Confusion over Trump’s COVID diagnosis and health” seem to be the BBC’s staple method of handling this international crisis, citing an “unnamed source”. The Telegraph has outright come out with a list of symptoms like “difficulty breathing”, which have been debunked by the White House physician. The Guardian, of course, has decided to take a flippant approach, publishing opinion pieces all day about why the President and First Lady deserve this disease. The “MAGA Disciples”, who make up the 62,984,828 US citizens who voted for him in 2016, are apparently “the real victims of the President’s diagnosis”.

Zara Rahim, the former Obama White House staff member and Hillary Clinton’s former 2016 national spokeswoman tweeted her own joy, saying: “I hope he dies”.
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Regarding all those wishing for the President’s death, let us be grateful that facts remain the same irrespective of who gets the virus.

If the pundits of doom and gloom rubbing their palms gleefully are right, then the President is 10 times more likely to pass away. The WHO puts the current average death rate at 0.6% – if they would care to do the maths, that’s a 6% chance of the worst possible outcome. It gives this world leader a 94% chance of survival, but sadly, too many leftists are taking the “we go high” route by being cynical, pessimistic and hoping for the worst.

Doctors outside the Walter Reed Medical centre brief media about POTUS’s condition.
Source: SUN Livestream
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The God-hating, Marxist and increasingly clamorous far-left has overlooked millions of well-wishing people praying all over the planet for the leader of the free world to recover. At 4pm BST, a team of multi-disciplinary military doctors briefed the media about President Trump’s condition. They were happy about his progress and all his vital signs seemed good, with oxygen saturation levels at 96% without supplementary oxygen for the past 48 hours. There has also been no recorded high temperature for the past 24 hours.

President Donald J. Trump and the British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson at the United Nations General Assembly (Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen)

Dr Sean Conley, a White House physician, said that the anti-viral drug remdesivir had been administered, following a dose of Regeneron’s experimental antibody cocktail.

The mainstream media and China’s obsession with the worst possible outcome has led them to a point where they are grasping at debunked and rescinded statements. Despite all this, and thanks to excellent care and expert doctors, both the President and First Lady seem to be doing well. May the sentiments of millions of supporters the world over, including our Prime Minister Boris Johnson, prevail – and may the statistically most probable outcome materialise.

Boris Johnson said, “Well, obviously, I think we all want to send our best wishes to the president and the first lady, and I have done that this morning as you can imagine, and I’m sure that they will both stage a very strong recovery.”
Source: Number 10 (Boris Johnson visits Exeter College Construction Centre)
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