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Russia snubs US election winner “until results are confirmed in a legitimate, legal way, which obviously has not happened yet.”

(Transcribed by Sam Monaco from an opinion piece video: sourced below)

“The US Presidential results have still not been announced at an official level, yet the American liberal media, which was desperately rooting for Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden, has called the elections and has declared Joe Biden as the President-Elect. The American liberal media has a global footprint and therefore, the leaders of other countries have congratulated Biden even before the official announcement of US Presidential Election results.

But while leaders across the world have taken the bait set up by pro-Democrat media outlets, Russian President, Vladimir Putin has simply refused to accept the poll results announced by American media. Putin a former KGB intelligence officer seems to know what leaders of other countries simply cannot understand.

Putin has actually gone on to make some very succinct and persuasive arguments due to which he is not accepting Biden’s projected victory. The Russian President said:

“We will work with anyone who has the confidence of the American People”

He added:

“But that confidence can only be given to a candidate whose victory has been recognised by the opposing party, or after the results are confirmed in a legitimate, legal way”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskcov too said that Trump:

“Must recognise the results of the elections and all lawsuits must be completed”

Peskcov added:

“Only after that will the results be officially summed up. But obviously, that hasn’t happened yet.”

Our writers speculate:

Putin has actually explained why the Kremlin has refused to congratulate the projected President-Elect, Joe Biden. Now, the American liberal media or even the media outlets in other parts of the free world are likely to push the narrative that Putin likes Trump and hates Biden. But here is the real deal, Putin understands how pro-democrats propaganda machinery works in the United States of America. Russia becomes the centre of attention in the US whenever US Presidential elections are around. Even during the 2016 US Presidential polls, the Democrats had made Russia a victim of their Cold War mentality.

Rumours and speculation of Russian intervention in American Polls to get Trump elected, were pushed relentlessly by the American liberal media. Putin understands that the American propaganda machinery might be at work all over again. This time around, the Pro-democrat media outlets might have simply chosen to push the narrative that Biden is the one who got elected as the next US President.

Moscow, being a target of Democrats’ Cold War mentality understands how the American system works. So, Putin didn’t take the bait sat up by the American liberal media, he seems to know and understand what the leaders of other countries are clueless about. Putin has refused to accept Biden’s so called “victory” just yet and his rejection speaks for itself.”