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Goverment Appoints Several Free Trade Advisers

The Government’s trade department have appointed three new advisers in an effort to realise their vision for Global Britain.

In a move that will please Brexiteers and boost the confidence of both businesses and world governments, who will be looking to negotiate trade deals, the UK Trade Department has expanded.

The three advisers have been appointed and named as:

  • Douglas Carswell – A former Conservative/UKIP MP
  • Dominic Johnson – A founding partner of Somerset Capital Management (which Jacob Reece Mogg co-founded before stepping down to join the Cabinet)
  • Dambisa Moyo – An economist and author who has featured in the TIME 100 list and won the Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award

The three advisers will be part of a non-executive board appointed by Trade Secretary Liz Truss. Those already on the board include Sir Stephan O’Brian, Noel Harwerth and Andrew Hood. Julie Currie, who is chair of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee, is standing down and will be replaced by Dominic Johnson.

Former PM of Australia Tony Abbott is already part of the department as a trade adviser, invited due to his previous experience in negotiating with Asian countries.

The aim of the group will be promote the view that, outside the EU, Britain can pursue areas like technology, services and advanced manufacturing.

Secondary aims of the board are to advise and recommend ways to establish Britain as a trade powerhouse and improve links to nations with common values.

If the Department of Trade continues in this direction, the Government will be well on its way to achieving its aim of a freely trading Global Britain.