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Conservatives Double Their Lead Over Labour Among Working-Class Voters

In a Westminster voting intention poll released by YouGov on March 4, the Conservatives have nearly doubled their lead over Labour among working-class voters.


In the poll detailing Westminster voting intentions, the Conservatives were at 52% with Labour following far behind at 27%. Under the leadership of Sir Keir Starmer, the party originally of the working class seems to be losing its voter base, with many turning to the more stable Conservatives.

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Many point to the handling of Brexit and a clear strategy held by the Tories as a key reason for this change. The EU has been increasingly losing its approval among more moderate Remain voters, owing to an all-out dispute on the Nothern Irish border threatening to block incoming vaccine supplies, being embroiled in bureaucracy slowing down the vaccine roll-out on the continent, and contention between member states on Union-wide policies dictated from Brussels.

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The lack of coherent and explicit policies by Labour on jobs, wages and taxes has also been suggested as another reason for poor performance in recent polls, with many voters feeling left behind by a party that has increasingly been adopting far-left policies on social justice and external affairs.

Labour Leader Keir Starmer with former controversial Leader Jeremy Corbyn.
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Promises made and kept by the Conservative Party are one reason behind their showing in the polls, according to an article in The Daily Express. Labour’s lack of progress in regions beyond its historical control and shrinking popularity among ‘Red Wall’ seats in the north and Midlands of England are some other reasons among several possibilities. The YouGov poll put the Green Party, which currently only has one seat, third with 7 percent of the vote.