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Nigel Farage Steps Down As Leader Of Reform UK

After three decades of campaigning, three parties and the biggest democratic vote in British history, Nigel Farage says he is quitting politics for good.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Mr Farage stated that he would be leaving party politics after 30 years.

He originally made the revelation on the The Telegraph‘s Chopper’s Politics podcast.

Mr Farage began his video by recounting the hard-fought battle from the moment the UK joined the Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1990 to the country’s vaccine success this year.

One of the major reasons he gives for stepping down now is the local elections in May, saying he feels now is the right time to get his life back.

He will continue in the party as Honorary President, supporting everything the party does, with Richard Tice becoming its new leader.

Mr Farage has said he wishes to move on to other issues he feels are important to him, both domestically and internationally.

His most important new focus is to educate people on the influence of the Chinese Communist Party on our way of life, he said.

He will also fight against the political indoctrination of children in schools from, as he states, “the age of 7 or 8 and … all the way through to university”.

Mr Farage added that we are not teaching our children critical thinking, instead teaching them to hate the UK and its values.

Lastly, he said he hopes to campaign on a number of environmental issues he believes in, such as planting trees and protecting the world’s oceans.

He stated that he would continue with his career in media and social media, using YouTube and other platforms to push his message.