Home Opinion Pro-Palestine Group Storms A Muslim YouTuber’s House After Pro-Israel Comments

Pro-Palestine Group Storms A Muslim YouTuber’s House After Pro-Israel Comments

With tensions at breaking point between Israel and Palestine in recent days, the conflict has reached more local areas of the world.

In the early hours of Monday morning, a masked gang, waving Palestinian flags, stormed a Muslim YouTuber’s house after what the group would say were “disrespectful comments” about Palestine. Using intimidating behaviour and throwing bricks through his house and car windows, the group was looking for the YouTuber, Mr Mufti Abu Layth.

This violent reaction came after a YouTube video that Mr Layth, who himself has a popular following on the site, was posted commenting on his stance on the current conflict in Israel-Palestine. Mr Layth insists he is pro-Palestine, with his video having a nuanced and complex look at the situation.

Just hours before the attack, Layth warned his followers with a Facebook post that there was an edited clip circulating, which manipulated his stance to appear anti-Palestine. His post commented: “This is NOT a video I have created, or uploaded, but is instead cut and pasted and uploaded by my haters in an absurd attempt to defame me.”

According to Layth, the police now have these videos and are investigating. Thankfully, no one was injured during the attack and the gang left only broken windows and shaken nerves.

This attack comes hot on the heels of recent anti-Semitic attacks made by pro-Palestine groups, with Finchley Road videos attracting the most condemnation. However, the attack on Mr Layth suggests that the two sides of this conflict are not as clear-cut as Muslim vs Israeli.

With thousands of Palestinians being forced to flee their homes and Palestinian group Hamas firing rockets into Israel, with Israel responding by bombarding the Gaza Strip.

This attack on Mr Layth and his property is another casualty of the ongoing conflict that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.