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Met Police Officer Recorded Chanting “Free Palestine” In Uniform

An unnamed officer of the Met Police has been recorded chanting “Free Palestine” at a Free Palestine Protest

Officer T2460 of the Metropolitan Police has been recorded embracing a Free Palestine supporter stating: “I support you”. The event also contained masked individuals realising coloured smoke, as well as other chanting. The officer was also holding a white rose.

The politicisation of the police is a dangerous topic, and can lead to politicised institutions enforcing certain viewpoints on society. Upholding an unbiased view and approach is absolutely critical for the emergency services and most of the civil service. We cannot allow politics to become part of the framework of government, and governmental insitutions, or we run the risk of wiping out through censorship and societal assassination, millions of people’s viewpoints and in some cases identities.

While the initial video above seems small and insignificant, it represents a larger trend in UK policing of accepting woke standards, and a fear of the social media active left. When the police put PR over policing, there is a critically fatal issue at the heart of the police force. Keeping people safe, regardless of politics, and ensuring the law is applied to all individuals equally, is a hallmark of a successful police force. However, allowing small transgressions like this, while in uniform, truly begins to break down the institution of unbiased policing and the importance of equal treatment under the law.